Sparkle Pupa

A comprehensive study of the caddis fly's life cycle gave Gary LaFontaine the inspiration for this superbly designed imitation. It is tied to imitate a caddis pupa as it emerges to transpose into the winged adult. What makes it so clever is LaFontaine's use of Antron tied as a loose envelope over the main body. The result is that air trapped within the fibers produces a sparkle similar to that formed by gases within the skin of the natural. It is a pattern that works well on both rivers and lakes, wherever trout or grayling are taking caddis pupae. It is tied in both ginger, as this version, or gray. Hook size ranges from 10 to 18.


Clear Antron

Caddis Fly Life Cycle

Beige dubbing


Size 10-18

Body envelope:

Amber Antron


Equal mix of ginger dubbing fur and amber Antron



Clear Antron

Beige dubbing


Brown elk hair


How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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