Soldier Palmer

This bright red fly is a great favorite for loch-style fishing. With its bushy, palmered hackle, it works well on the top dropper of ^trout" a ^ree-fly cast. Palmering is a technique used for tying a hackle the entire length of the body. It is a method used for many traditional lake flies, where the density of hackling produces a fly Rainbow that makes plenty of disturbance in the water's surface. It is also trout used on dry flies, particularly those that need to ride high in fast, broken water. The number of hackle turns may be varied to alter the overall density of the fly, with five turns the standard for a size 10 hook.

Sea trout


Red wool


Fine oval gold tinsel


Size 8-14 wet fly

Palmer Fly



Collar hackle:

Brown cock hackle


Soldier Palmer Fly

Sfii' I

IRun the tying thread down the shank. Catch in a length of red wool so that the waste end lays the entire length of the shank. Cover the end with thread. At the tail base catch in 2 inches (5cm) of gold tinsel. Secure the waste end with thread.

Tease out a pinch of red wool and offer it up to the tying thread.

Sfii' I

Soldier Palmer

3 Dub the wool onto the thread to form a fluffy rope. Wind this in touching turns over the shank to form the body.

4 Prepare a brown cock hackle with fibers one-and-a-half times the hook gape, leaving a stub of bare stem. With the thread now just behind the eye. catch in the hackle. Use hackle pliers to wind the hackle right down to the tail, in open turns.

Soldier Palmer FlySoldier Palmer Fly

5 Wind the gold tinsel up through the hackle. Secure the tinsel at the eye and remove the excess.

6 With the hackle locked in place by the rib, remove the excess tip. Catch in a second hackle with longer fibers and wind as a collar. Build a neat head and cast off the thread.

Brown trout

Rainbow trout

Atlantic salmon

Sea trout

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