Fly Tying Speckled Trout Fly


White marabou with a pinch of gray squirrel over the top


Orange and green hackle fibers mixed with speckled gray mallard

White chenille

Fine oval silver tinsel


Size 6-8 3X longshank or two in tandem

Orange and green hackle fibers mixed with speckled gray mallard

Fly Tying Fibetts

1 Secure the hook in the vise and run the tying thread from the eye to the bend. Take a few fibers each of gray mallard and orange and green cock hackle fibers, and catch them in as a tail.

Flies Used Catch Speckeled Trout

2 At the same point catch in 3 inches (7.5cm) of fine, oval, silver tinsel. Leave the waste end long, doubling it back to form an even base for the body. Cover the waste ends with thread.

3 Cut 4 inches (10cm) of white chenille. Expose a short section of the core and catch it in at the tail. Wind in touching turns to the eye. Wind even turns of the silver tinsel over the chenille to form the rib. Secure and remove the excess.

4 Take the same colors of hackle fibers as used for the tail and catch them in at the eye. If necessary, invert the hook in the vise to make applying the hackle easier.

5 Return the hook to its original position. Select a generous pinch of white marabou and catch it in as the wing. The tips should be level with those of the tail.

6 Remove a bunch of gray squirrel tail fibers and position them over the marabou. The tips of the hair should reach the end of the body. Fix in place and trim the waste ends. Wind a neat head and cast off with a whip finish.

Brown trout

Rainbow trout

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