Storing Materials

Storage is a problem that each flytyer must solve personally. How you store your materials depends on the space you have available, the quantities you like to keep, the range of materials you need for the flies you tie, and so on. It also depends on the categories you decide on: for example, should you keep dry-fly materials separate from the materials for saltwater flies? The snag here is that if you do separate your materials like that, there will inevitably be some doubling up of threads, tinsels, furs, and so on. The professional has this same problem - but worse.

I have to keep stock for tying every type of fly in every category, from the tiniest dry fly to the biggest salmon fly, in a workshop that measures only thirteen feet by ten feet (4 m x 3 m). Since my storage problem is probably much worse than yours, you may be interested in how I solve it. Among the things my workshop has to hold are:

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