Storage of Tied Flies

There are many kinds of ready-made boxes and wallets available for storing tied flies, although it is quite easy to design your own. Dry flies, wet flies, or a combination all need different types of storage; the following list is a selection of suitable methods. Wet Flies:

  • leather wallet with sheepskin lining and press-stud fastening
  • plastic wallet with foam lining and zip fastener
  • wooden box with foam lining
  • aluminum box with clips or magnetic strips to hold flies

Dry Flies:

  • plastic see-through box (several sizes available) with compartments
  • aluminium box with compartments, each with a spring-loaded lid

Dry and Wet Flies:

• aluminum box with clips in lid for wet flies and with compartments with spring-loaded lids for dry flies

Poppers and Dapping Flies:

• plastic box with compartments and rotatable see-through plastic lid

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