Onefingered Wrap Knot

If you are very short of tying thread when you reach the wrap knot stage (because of miscalculation, perhaps, or an earlier thread breakage), it is possible to do a one-finger version of the knot using the right-hand index finger. This needs some practice, however, and can only be done very close to the eye of the hook. Using this dodge, you cannot control a loop much larger than the thickness of your index finger.

  • Use the scissors or dubbing needle to maintain a light tension on the loop as you pull the free end of the thread through, so that the loop completely disappears. This forms the fourth and final turn of the wrap knot. If you cannot pull the free end through, something must have gone wrong and, alas, you will have to start again from the beginning!
  • Cut off the loose end of thread as close as possible to the knot. (Do not try to break it off.)
  • Using the dubbing needle, coat the wrap knot with clear lacquer.

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