• a flytying bench and chair
  • hundreds of cock and hen capes, both dyed and natural color
  • a large selection of animal tails, hair, furs and so on
  • countless reels of floss, thread, and tinsel, stored in an orderly way
  • whole wings, loose quills, and whole skins
  • loose hackles of all colors
  • hooks of all kinds
  • reference books and reference flies (needed for special patterns)

How can one possibly keep all these and more in a small area? There are two answers. First, you need lots and lots of drawer space; I find an old dental cabinet (which has many wide-area drawers), filing cabinets, and old office furniture ideal for this. Second, most flytying materials are (thank goodness) compressible.


I keep a selection of my most frequently used capes in compartments on a shelf aboVe my tying bench. The rest of my stock is stored in paper bags, each labeled with the cape's color, quality and sex, in an office desk drawer.

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