Whip Finishing a Head

When you finish your fly, you need to tie off the head to keep it from unraveling. A couple of half hitcnes are adequate but not the best way. The best method is a whip finish, which winds the thread under itself 5 or 6 times. The best way to whip finish is with a special tool, which makes it easier to get into small places and puts more tension on the winds than you can by hand. It's best to whip finish in the center of the head, because if you whip finish near a wet fly wing or dry fly hackle, you tend to knock wings out of alignment or wind hackles under. If you whip finish too close to the eye of the hook, the whip finish may slip off the hook shank and onto the eye.

With the bobbin hanging at the spot where you want to finish the head, pull out 8" of thread so the bobbin is hanging 8" below the hook.

Hold the whip finish tool with your pinky, fourth finger, and third finger on the far side of the brass shaft, your thumb on the near side, and your forefinger bracing the chrome rotating part of the tool on its far side so it can't rotate. The open end of the two loops on the tool should be facing toward your right.

Place the indent at the bottom of the large loop against the thread on the side facing you. Keeping your forefinger against the

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