The Pinch Method

Many things like tinsel and dry fly hackles can be merely placed next to the shank and wound over with thread. Bunches of hair or feathers, however, need to be attached in a manner that keeps them from rolling around the hook. For this you use the pinch method. Over a base of thread (never over a bare hook unless you intentionally want the materia] to roll around the hook, as when you spin deer hair), hold the material in place with the tips of your thumb and forefinger pinched over the spot where the thread will attach the materia] to the hook. Bring the thread in a loose loop over the top of the materia], at the same time rocking your thumb and forefinger back onto the first knuckle so they open up slightly. After the

Step 2.

loop is formed over the material and the bobbin is hanging below, close your fingers over the thread, the material, and the sides of the hook at the same time. Now put the pressure on the thread by pulling straight down, until the thread is wrapped firmly around the material and the hook, and without moving anything else, open up your fingers and repeat the loop and pinch. Three or four times will usually be enough to attach anything to the hook. Before trimming anything, wind over the butt ends of the materials several times, and always hold the bunch of feathers or hair while trimming, to keep them from getting moved out of alignment.

Step 2.

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