The Crazy Charlie Bonefish

The Crazy Charlie is one of the deadliest new bonefish flies to be developed in years. It is especially effective on Christmas Island in the Pacific in tan, brown, and pink, but will catch bonefish wherever they are found. The bead chain eyes help to sink the fly quickly to an effective level. Tied on top of the hook shank, the eyes make the fly ride upside-down, keeping it from snagging on the bottom.

Techniques Learned: Tinsel body over-wrapped with Bod-y Glass

Bead Chain eyes Calf tail wing

Step 1: Attach white 3/0 thread to the front 1/3 of a Mustad 34007 stainless hook, size 4,6, or 8. Leave the thread hanging at a point about 1/3 shank length back from the eye. With a pair of wire cutters, snip 2 brass or nickel-plated beads from a length of bead chain. Hold them in place above the hook and make about 8 figure-8 turns around the center shaft that holds the beads together. Then wind about 6 turns of thread horizontally around the base of the eyes to help lock the thread and hold them in place. These turns should be made as tight as possible. Step 2: Bring the thread behind the eyes. Cut a 5 " piece of clear Body Glass. Bind it to the shank of the hook. Note that the Body Glass has a flat side and a round side. Tie it in so that the flat side is facing up and the round side down. Bind it under with smooth even turns to the bend of the hook, then return the thread to behind the eyes. Leave the Body Glass hanging off the back of the fly. Step 3: Tie in an 8" piece of wide pearles-cent tinsel just behind the eye. Wind the tinsel in smooth, non-overlapping turns that just touch the preceding turn, back to the bend and then back to behind the eyes. Tie off four or five tight turns of thread.

Crazy Charlie Fly

Step 4: Bring the thread around in front of the eyes. Wind the Body Glass, round side up in turns that just touch the preceding one forward. When you get to the eyes, bring the Body Glass between the eyes and tie off on top of the hook shank with 6 to 8 very tight turns of thread. Trim the excess Body Glass. Step 5: Search through a tan calf tail for a spot where the tips are relatively even with each other. Grasp a bunch that is about 1/4"

in diameter and pull the bunch away from the center bone of the tail until the dps appear to be evenly aligned. Snip the hairs from the tail.

Step 6: Holding the tips of the hair clean the fuzz and short hairs from the base. Then hold the hair by the butts and remove any hairs that are longer than the main part of the bunch. You should be left with a bunch of hairs about 1/8" in diameter.

Step 6.

Step 6.

Step 7: Turn the hook over in the vise. With the pinch method, tie the hair onto the hook, with the tips extending just barely beyond the bend of the hook. Snip the butts of the hair on a relatively sharp angle and wind tightly over the butt ends of the hair.

Step 8: Wind a neatly tapered head, whip finish, and apply head cement. When you cement the head, apply a couple of drops to the underside of the bead eyes (where the Body Glass crossed over), and also let the cement work into the base of the wing slightly.

Step 7.

Step 8.

Step 7.

Step 8.

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