Step 3.

tool, and the thread inside the indent, bring the bobbin up over the top of the fly. As vou're bringing the bobbin over the top of the fly, catch the piece of thread farthest from you with the hook at the top of the tool. Release the tool with your forefinger (but still holding the handle). Bring the tool up over the top of the hook, at the same time bringing the bobbin back underneath the hook, crossing the thread on the near side of the hook shank.

A loop should now be formed, with the thread intersecting at the hook exactly where you want your whip finish to be.

Rotate the handle of the tool around the eye of the fly, pushing away from you on top of the hook and then back toward you on the bottom. Rotate the tool 5 times around the hook.

Rotate the handle 90° so it's now perpendicular to the shank of the hook. Move the handle of the tool to a vertical position by bringing the end closest to you up. The thread will slip out of the indent. Now pull on the bobbin to tighten the loop, and slip the hook out after the knot is tightened. Trim the thread and you're done.

Step 5.

Step 6.

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