Whatever the season

In Finland, you can choose your preferred catch and means of fishing according to season. There is no time when you can't fish in Finland.

There are some faster waters in Central and Southern Finland which remain open through the winter. So it is even possible to get some fishing in winter time! If fly-fishing is your passion, then this is a must do. But we recommend that you take warm clothing with you as the weather and river water can be very cold.

Perch is the fishers best friend; the national fish of Finland, it is found throughout the country and bites readily at all times of the year. In winter, the best method of catching perch is ice fishing and angling with a hook and line in summer. Angling is also a good means of catching other, fairly common fish: roach, bream, id and other fish of the same family in late spring or summer. For example, the best time for id angling is between 15 April and 15 May in Southern Finland. The prime lure fishing season for pike is spring and autumn, but pike can be drawn out of their hiding places throughout the open water season. The best time for sea trout fishing is in April-May and SeptemberNovember. But in some years, December is a very good time for trout trolling, just before the ice comes. Grayling, salmon, brown trout and whitefish bite eagerly in the summer and autumn, particularly in rivers and rapids. And if you are interested in salmon trolling on the open sea you should fish in Finland at the end of May - July. The best time for pikeperch trolling is early summer, in the months of June and July. Ice fishing for perch is possible throughout the winter, for as long as the ice carries, while burbot bites particularly well on dark evenings in January and February.

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