South finland region


There is a wide range of fly-fishing waters not far from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Rivers are typical for the region and there are fewer lakes than on average in Finland.

Rapids offer challenging fly-fishing in the lush landscapes of Southern Finland. The best known fishing locations include Karkkila, Vihavuodenkoski, Tainionvirta, Jaala and the River Vantaa. The rapids vary in length and are typically 10-15 meters wide. The main game fish species available are brown trout, grayling and rainbow trout but some other species are found locally.

Fishing techniques

The rivers can be fished effectively with standard fly-fishing techniques. Due to the nature of the waters there is no need for long casts, 15 meters is more than enough in most of the places. Wading is relatively easy due to the abundant gravel bed in the majority of the locations but it is still reasonable to carry a wading staff.

Fishing tackle

Light tackle (AFTM 3-5) is perfectly adequate and a floating line will be the number one choice. Waders are recommended but wading boots will do in most of the places. Typical flies include various caddis (sedge) and mayfly imitations, but streamers (baitfish imitations) produce frequently the largest fish. There are some flyfishing tackle shops in Helsinki area and they carry a good selection of local fly patterns.


Facilities in the Helsinki Metropolitan area.

Time 1 April-31 October


The package combines a city break with a guided fly-fishing trip. The guide will pick up the customers from their accommodation at agreed time, which may be anything between 4 am and 4 pm. The fishing takes place on the best fishing location available depending on the time of the season and the preferences of the customer. The duration of the package is flexible and can vary from a day to a full week. This way the client can easily combine other activities to his stay in the

Helsinki Metropolitan Area. One day of fishing can easily be integrated into a business trip.

Includes: 8 hours of guided fishing (maximum 2 clients / guide), fishing tackle and waders, one meal, transfers and fishing licenses. Not included: accommodation, other meals.

Group size 1-10 persons

Price €380/1-2 persons/day

Brown Trout

20-55 cm

Grayling 15-35 cm

Brown Trout

20-55 cm

Grayling 15-35 cm fèk 1QOO

Rainbow Trout stocked 30-55 cm

Rainbow Trout stocked 30-55 cm

Tour operator, bookings and further information

Fly Fishing Finland Oy

Lonnrotinkatu 27 FI-00180 Helsinki Tel: +358 40 757 6434 [email protected]

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