RIVER fishing

Finland is a land of rivers and brooks, with its thousands of kilometres of fish-teeming streams both large and small. The most sought-after river-fishing catches are salmon, trout, grayling and whitefish. The more slowly running rivers are often also home to pike and perch. Fly-fishing and spinning from the shore are the most popular and most rewarding methods on the rivers, though harling from boats is also possible on the larger salmon-fishing rivers. The most notable salmon-fishing rivers in Finland are Tenojoki in Lapland, Tornionjoki and Simojoki in Northern Finland, and Kymijoki, which empties into the Gulf of Finland in Kotka. Other popular salmon-fishing sites are the delta areas of the Kemijoki and Oulujoki rivers.

Excellent trout rivers and rapids are to be found in Central Finland, Karelia, Kuusamo, Northern Finland and Lapland, while the best waters for catching grayling are in the north. Worthy of particular mention are the sea-spawning grayling of the western Oura archipelago, and the Lake Saimaa grayling.

Fly-fishing is currently experiencing a renaissance in Finland. Rivers and rapids offer fly-fishers excellent fishing sites; at some rapids, separate pools have even been set aside solely for fly-fishing. Salmon, brown trout and grayling are the most common catch for fly-fishers.

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