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The river Tana is the world's most productive watercourse for Atlantic salmon. It flows for almost 330 km from south to north, separating Finland and Norway on its way to the Tana Fjord in the Atlantic.

The Tana valley is acclaimed for its beauty and especially for the salmon river flowing along it. The water is very clear and the bed is mostly sand and gravel.

Teno River Utsjoki

On the Finnish side, the river flows through Utsjoki, Finland's northernmost municipality. The river Tana is fed by many small tributaries, the most important of which are the Utsjoki, Inarinjoki and Levajoki. Most banks are easily accessible. Settlement is in villages, with many families near the valley earning a living from fishing tourism and reindeer farming.

Fishing techniques

The river is ideal for fishing from the banks or from a boat. In fact, the traditional way of fishing for salmon on the river Tana is harling from a rowing boat. Lures, wobblers, flies and spoons can all result in a catch. All fishing techniques are possible from the banks. Fishing tackle must be sturdy enough for salmon fishing since the average salmon has a respectable weight and the river is well known for its large salmon. Each year many salmon weighing well over 20 kg are caught. It's also worth taking lighter tackle along since the grayling in the river reach record sizes in places and there is every chance of catching a specimen of over 60 cm.

Fishing tackle

Typical lures are various floating wobblers, 5-10 cm in length. Many types of spoons can be used, but for harling should be light and easily floating and for casting more slender and heavier. There are also different versions of flies for harling boat fishing and fishing from the bank. It's worth asking service providers and guides about tips on lures depending on when you are fishing. With a rod and reel, the reel should be capable of taking 250350 metres of at least 0.45 mm line. It's worth taking both single-

hand and two-hand fly-fishing rods. Typical classes for salmon are 8-11 and for grayling 4-6.

Standard and description of accommodation

Accommodation in cottages on the banks of the river Tana. The cottages feature two twin bedrooms, a large fitted kitchen, WC and sauna. The kitchen also features a sofa bed, fireplace and televison. Bed linen and towels are included.

Time 5 June - 20 August

Tana Airport


The catches are salmon and grayling. The fishing trip includes transfer from Ivalo Airport to the lodgings at Utsjoki and back at the end of the trip. The daily programme starts with breakfast, which is served in the cottages. Guided fishing for 8 hours a day. The price includes all permits. Fishing is by casting from the banks or casting or spinning from a boat. A boat with spinning tackle is included in the price. Lunch outdoors or in the cottage, as customers wish. Dinner is served in a nearby kota (tepee) around a glowing fire or in the cottage as customers wish. A more lavish dinner is served on the day of arrival and the evening before departure.

Price From €2 400 per person. Opportunity to fish in the tributaries of the river Tana and in fell lakes for an extra charge.

Duration 7 days, 6 nights

Group size 1-10 persons

Atlantic Salmon

50-130 cm

Grayling 25-60 cm

Atlantic Salmon

50-130 cm

Grayling 25-60 cm

Tour operator, bookings and further information

Ohjelmapalvelu Poronpurijat / Lomakyla Valle

Biedju, FI-99980 Utsjoki Tel: +358 400 948 210 [email protected] www.poronpurijat.com

fishing cottages

Cottage Lomarengas Noat

KALAMOKIT cottages for rent

KalaMokit are cottages for rent or farmhouse destinations across Finland that have really pushed the boat out to serve fishing customers. This makes them excellent for fishing families, leisure fishers and people otherwise interested in fishing requirements.

Check visits by experts ensure that the following fishing services are in place at each KalaMokki site.

  • All required fishing permits and licences are easily obtainable
  • Fishing restrictions are clearly specified
  • Laminated depth chart of the permit waters where possible
  • Fish population in the permit waters to be fished is known
  • Tips available on where to catch and what lures to use
  • Landing net and basic fishing tackle at site
  • Availability of worms assured
  • Proper boat suitable for fishing
  • Boating equipment needed in the boat
  • Fish handling place equipped with proper facilities
  • Proper cold storage facilities to store catch
  • Catch log updated with catch information in the permit waters
  • Fishing services clearly defined and priced
  • Information about other fishing services available in the area.
  • Fisher-friendly services

Additional information and bookings: Lomarengas - Finnish Country Holidays


Nationwide central booking agency, holiday cottages for rent. Online booking www.countryholidays.fi Customer service tel: +358 9 5766 3350

Additional information:

Kalatalouden Keskusliitto -Federation of Finnish Fisheries Associations [email protected] www.ahven.net

...or additional information and bookings from the entrepreneurs below:

Province of Southern Finland

Province of Eastern Finland

Province of Western Finland

Province of Oulu

Province of Lapland

Tight lines with KalaMokit!

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