Lake Puruvesi


Located in eastern Finland, Puru-vesi is part of Saimaa and has retained its pure crystal clear waters. The Ice Age left lake Puruvesi separated by gravel deposits, sandy beaches and Punkaharju, one of the best known ridge formations in Finland. Geographically, lake Puruvesi is in the centre of the Punkaharju-Kesalahti-Kerimaki triangle, the nearest airports being Savonlinna and Joensuu. Visibility has been measured to a depth of 11 metres and at its deepest the water is 60 metres. The lake is rugged, with many islands with either sheer rocks plunging into the depths or fine sandy beaches. The lake also features many gravel shoals much favoured by salmonid. Fly-fishers should aim to catch grayling, whitefish and trout. Fish sizes are: grayling 3040 cm, whitefish 25-30 cm and trout 40 cm.

Lasakoski rapids are in eastern Savo, flowing from Kyyvesi to Puulavesi. They are 3 km long and 10-30 metres wide, with a drop of 5 metres. The water is slightly discoloured by humus. Fishing at Lasakoski is on a catch and release basis and beautiful 35-50 cm trout rank among the commonest catches. The landscape is extremely lush and attractive.

Fishing techniques

On lake Puruvesi you can fish either from a boat or the shore. Casts of 20 metres or less are usually adequate. Since most of the island shores are either rock or gravel, it's easy to move about and wade. At Lasakoski, casts of 15 metres or less are adequate. The waters in the rapids are diverse and rocky. The rapids can easily be fished both upstream and down and conveniently waded.

Fishing tackle

Preferably 9-10' rods, class 5-6, on the lake. The line can be floating or intermediate. Although not necessary, waders give an added advantage, as do rubber boots, although you could manage in shoes. Choose small, light caddis, imitation mayflies and land insects for flies. Nymphs and imitation fry also work. In the rapids, 8-9' rods, class 4-5, and floating line are best. Wading gear makes fishing easier, but you can also manage with rubber boots. For flies, choose various stages of mayfly and caddis: dry flies and pupae. It's also definitely worth trying streamers. The largest permitted fly size is 8xl, barbless.

Boats with equipment

Unsinkable open boat with 25-95 hp outboard for use on lake. Life jackets for everyone.

Quality and description of accommodation

Hotelli Herttua Kerimaki

Tel: +358 15 769 900


1 June-31 October or weeks 23/32/42 in the 2006 season


This product combines lake and rapids fishing in some of the finest fly-fishing sites in Lakeland Finland. The product is full-board, starting with picking up the customer from the nearest airport. All the customer has to do is enjoy a fine fishing holiday. In 2006, the package is for a week and the arrival day is a Saturday. Shorter packages by arrangement. The first four days are spent fishing on lake Puruvesi and thereafter the guide drives us to Lasakoski. Each day includes 8 hours of guided fishing, accommodation, meals, transfers and permits.

Group size 2-4 persons

Price €1500 per person/week

Brown Trout

20-65 cm


30-50 cm

Brown Trout

20-65 cm


QUAL.rr Iuzj'j


30-50 cm

Tour operator, bookings and further information

Fishing Guide Expert

Ojakatu 16 b 6 FI-03600 Karkkila Tel: +358 50 5118035 [email protected]

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