In the dark winter night

Ice fishing, angling through a hole in the ice, is a Finnish speciality offering unforgettable experiences. Angling for a pike and perch is common throughout the country, but whitefish and burbot are also popular catches.

Did you know that the dark evenings of January and February are the best time to catch burbot? Perch can be caught through a hole in the ice in winter as long as the waters are covered with thick ice. Perch occurs in waters throughout the country and bites keenly. Roach and similar fish are also the normal catches of ice fishers.

General close seasons / minimum measurements

Close season

Type of fish


Land-locked salmon Brown trout Sea trout

Arctic char in Lake Inari

Arctic char in the Vuoksi water system



Fishing with rod and lures in rivers brooks, rapids and tide rips close season is 11 September - 15 November

11 September - 15 November

Fishing with rod and lures; no close season

Minimum measurements, cm

Some fishing areas in Finland do not have a close season at all. For example, there is no close season in Merikarvia river, Lohimaa and Kymijoki river. They, like some other faster waters in Central and Southern Finland remain open through the year, so it is possible to get some fishing in, for example flyfishing, even in winter time.

fishing licences

FINLAND fishing licences

Choose the fishing location that suits you best, because obtaining permits to fish in Finnish waters couldn't be simpler. With a few exceptions, no permit is required for basic angling with a hook and line - in summer or in winter in the form of ice fishing. In other words, angling and ice fishing may be enjoyed completely free of charge. Two documents are required when fishing by means other than basic angling or ice-fishing. The first is a receipt for payment of the fishing management fee, the second the actual fishing permit.

FISHING management fee

The fishing management fee for the calendar year 2006 is €20 or €6 for seven days' fishing. The fee must be paid before you start fishing. It can be paid using a self-service payment machine, through your home computer, or with an ordinary giro payment form available from banks, to the state giro account Nordea 166030-101496. Payment is non-transferable. Keep the receipt with you when you go fishing. The seven day fishing period is counted from the day of payment or from another date entered separately on the payment receipt at the time of payment. Persons under 18 or over 65 need not pay this fee, nor do those who merely assist in the fishing and do not handle the fishing equipment during the actual fishing.

ACTUAL fishing permit

The required document for an actual fishing permit is a receipt of payment. This may be obtained in two ways, as follows:


given by owner of the water area

Special fishing sites require permission from the owner of the water area. Such permits are sold by individual fishing districts, local fishery associations, municipalities, private owners or the National Forest and Park Service and are required for lure fishing, other types of fishing and crayfishing. This also applies to fishing competitions. Permits include specific information about the fishing methods allowed, fishing times and other pertinent rules and regulations.

Please ask tour organisers for further information.


Paying the lure fishing fee entitles you to practice lure fishing within a single province, using one rod, reel and lure. It is also permitted to use a single weighted lure or diving sinker for trolling. The provincial lure fishing fee for the calendar year 2006 is €27, €6 for 7 days' fishing. Payment is non-transferable and may be purchased for several provinces if desired. The lure fishing fee must be paid before you start fishing. It can be paid using a self-service payment machine, through your home computer, or with an ordinary giro payment form available from banks. Keep the receipt with you when you go fishing. The lure fishing fee may be paid into the following giro accounts, according to province:

Province of Southern Finland Province of Oulu Province of Western Finland Province of Lapland Province of Eastern Finland

Nordea 166030-106594 Nordea 166030-106628 Nordea 166030-106602 Nordea 166030-106636 Nordea 166030-106610

Separate regulations apply in the Aland Islands, where the licence system above is not valid.

For additional information on fishing licences in Finland, please visit the website

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W Helsinki

Whopper Fish Ice Fishing

Fishing in Helsinki 2006

The archipelago around Helsinki and along the coastline is unique in the world. In addition to a great city break vacation, the heart of Finland's capital also offers a paradise for anglers in search of pike, perch and pikeperch! The pristine nature and peaceful archipelago guarantee an unforgettable fishing experience. On these fishing trips you can admire majestic seabirds, fascinating geological reminders of the last Ice Age, and truly breathtaking seascapes. What's more, the live fish you catch can be transformed into a delicious meal by one of our expert chefs.

The rich diversity of the archipelago and the open sea means you can fish for a variety of species using different methods. The sea is the main arena for great fishing in all seasons, whether you are fishing through the ice in the winter or casting in the summer. In addition, great fishing rivers and lakes can be found close to the centre of Helsinki, offering ideal waters for angling, spinning and ice-fishing. Helsinki and the surrounding archipelago offer some of the best fishing waters in the world for the following species:

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