If Youre A Fisher not a wisher

The clean, pure waters of Finland, teeming with fish, provide an almost limitless variety of fishing opportunities. The diversity of our fishing sites is indeed one of our greatest strengths. In Finland, you may enjoy wondrous lakes and our unique archipelago, not to mention the innumerable rivers and rapids coursing through our vast forests. Beside the blue waters you will find it easy to relax and, even if only for a fleeting moment, become perfectly attuned to nature.

Our fishing waters will present you with a challenge, whether you are a well versed professional or an amateur casting your line in just for the fun of it. At Finnish fishing sites, you can either fish all on your own or take advantage of the skills of local fishing guides, who can steer you to the best locations. What could make a tastier meal than your own catch after a day spent in the great outdoors? A delicious temptation to any palate.

HOT SPOTS for the true enthusiasts

If fishing is your passion, we recommend the salmon-rich rivers of Lapland and the Archipelago, teeming with sea trout and pike. For fly-fishing, Lapland is the obvious choice, but Central Finland also has some very exciting trout rapids. Guides are available at most sites to help you become familiar with the surroundings; then it's off to catch the big one. All sites presented in this brochure are suitable for experienced fishers, and with guidance they are also enjoyable for beginners. Pick your own favourite from our top eleven!

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