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Large lakes such as Paijanne and Vanaja, numerous smaller lakes and several fine rapids make Hame a superb region for recreational fishing. Vesijarvi in Lahti is one of Finland's best-known lakes for pike-perch.

There's far more to Hame than great fishing grounds. The region is also home to enterprises providing quality fishing programmes and accommodation. Since they are just 1-1,5 hours from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the rich fishing waters of Hame are within easy reach.

There are good waters for fishing perch, pike-perch and pike in the region and it's not unusual to catch trout either. For net fishers, many lakes provide good catches of vendace. Recent years have seen a major improvement to the crayfish population in many lakes and crayfish licences are now much more easily available.

Visit for more information about the diverse opportunities for recreational fishing in Hame.

The rapids and stretches of open water of South Paijanne

Lehmonkarki is a beautiful headland at the altitude of Pulkkilan-harju ridge in South Paijanne. Paijanne is Finland's third largest lake in terms of surface area.

Paijanne is the deepest lake in Finland, Ristinselka, off of Rappu-kallio, measures 95.3 metres, the average depth is 16.5 metres. The lushness, water quality and shore landscape of this 1 20 kilometre-long lake vary. South Paijanne is rugged and has clear water.

The main catches are pike, pike-perch (zander), trout and lake salmon.

Kalkkistenkoski rapids rank among the most important rapids in Finland and are an inseparable part of Finnish sports fishing history. The area is home to world famous Rapala and Nils Master. The rapids are expansive and have a strong current. The head of the rapids is over 100 metres wide and the waters are some 1.5 kilometres long.

The rapids offer diverse fishing opportunities. The clear waters of the river Tainionvirta begin in lake Jaasjarvi in Hartola and empty into lake Paijanne in Sysma. Catches include trout and grayling and, downstream, also rainbow trout as stocked. The rapids along the river Tainionvirta are easily accessible by road. The rapids flow quite peacefully.

Distances: Helsinki 140 km, Lahti 40 km, Vaaksy 14 km.

Fishing techniques

Spin fishing or fly-fishing on the river Tainionvirta and Kalkkisten-koski rapids. Fishing is usually from the banks, although boats may be used in places down river.

Wading is easy in the river Tai-nionvirta and fish are easily caught. On lake Paijanne, fishing is usually from a boat or fishing boat. Whilst casting and trolling are the most common forms of fishing, fly-fishing also brings results.

Teaser lure fishing is also possible. Fishing is at various depths. One interesting fishing site is the lagoon-like bays of the esker island of Kalvene in Paijanne National Park.

Fishing tackle

Fly-fishing tackle class 4-5, rod 89' and lightweight casting-based tackle are ideal for these sites. It's also worth bringing along a selection of trolling and casting-based tackle on lake Paijanne, depending on which species you wish to fish and how.

Boats with equipment

Fishing on lake Paijanne is from registered fishing boats for 12 persons or from console boats. The boat is fitted with two 20 hp outboard motor, has a chemical toilet and life jackets or flotation suits for all passengers. The trolling boats have echo sounders (some have rigging), rod holders and trolling rods with spinning reels.

Sales organisations Lahti Travel Ltd.

Aleksanterinkatu 13, FI-15110 Lahti Tel: +358 3 877 677 Fax. +358 3 877 6700 [email protected]


15-40 cm


37-70 cm


15-40 cm


37-70 cm

Sales organisations Lahti Travel Ltd.

Aleksanterinkatu 13, FI-15110 Lahti Tel: +358 3 877 677 Fax. +358 3 877 6700 [email protected]

Hame Tourist Service

Linnankatu 6, FI-13100 Hameenlinna Tel: +358 3 621 2388 Fax. +358 3 621 2716 [email protected]


Duration 4 days (3 nights)

Group Size 3-6 persons

Fishing package price

€1800 for 3-4 persons €1900 for 5 persons €2000 for 6 persons Price includes fishing trips, fishing tackle, services of a guide, fishing permits, the catch, breakfast, picnic lunches and coffee, dinner, flotation jackets, accident insurance, transfers from the airport (Helsinki-Vantaa). All prices include VAT. Fishing packages can not be reserved without accommodation. Customers should bring their own equipment depending on the weather. Extra charge: Boat on river Tainionvirta.

Transport package price

€650 per group of 3-6 persons including airport transfers and transfers between sites if own vehicle is not available. We can also book cars from a car hire company on the customer's account. Ask for a quotation!


Day 1 Arrival:

Information about the place, fishing site and accommodation on arrival

Day 2

Rapids fishing day with local guide on the river Tainionvirta at Sysma or Hartola. Lunch of salmon soup and campfire coffee on the river bank. The trip lasts about 8 hours.

Day 3

A look at Nils Masters production at Kalkkinen and a trip to Kalkkistenkoski rapids, incl. meals. Duration about 8 hours.

Day 4

Guided fishing trip on a fishing raft (incl. fishing tackle). Duration 4-5 hours. Picnic lunch and, weather providing, campfire coffees.

Accommodation options, prices

Villa No. 5 or 6 (6+1 pax):

  • 830 per villa/week
  • 450 per villa/3 nights

Villa No. 10, 11 or 12 (2+2 pax):

  • 565 per villa/week
  • 220 per villa/3 nights

Villa No. 4 (4 pax):

  • 750 per villa/week
  • 430 per villa/3 nights

VIP villa: 10 pax (5 bedrooms)

  • 1700 per villa/week
  • 1000 per villa/3 nights

Hot tub option

Accommodation includes bed linen. Alternative accommodation also available. Visit our website for more detailed information and photos of lodgings.

Time 7 August - 15 September

Brown Trout

30-70 cm

Grayling 20-40 cm

Pike 40-80 cm

Brown Trout

30-70 cm

Grayling 20-40 cm

Pike 40-80 cm

Tour operator, bookings and additional information


FI-17320 Asikkala Tel: +358 3 766 6330 Mobile: +358 50 550 1776 Fax. +358 3 766 6314 [email protected]

Cottage rent includes:

  • bed linen
  • boat with 3-4 hp engine (fuel included)
  • fishing licence

Viitamôkit offers luxury fully equipped holiday cottages near the lake Onkivesi, Maaninka. Accommodation is max 8 persons. All cabins have sauna, toilet, shower, kitchen and fireplace.

Prices: 01.06-15.8 20.12-07.01 Other time

Cottage rent includes:

  • bed linen
  • boat with 3-4 hp engine (fuel included)
  • fishing licence

Viitamôkit offers luxury fully equipped holiday cottages near the lake Onkivesi, Maaninka. Accommodation is max 8 persons. All cabins have sauna, toilet, shower, kitchen and fireplace.

Prices: 01.06-15.8 20.12-07.01 Other time

Fishing on Onkivesi and nearby area

Time: 15.5-31.10 (summer time) and 1.12-30.4 (winter time)

English speaking guiding is available and guiding fees are included into the program price.

Fishing programs

1. Karvaselka fishing trip

Guided boat trip, where we can have a look at the fish catchingof a big bike, and also watch fishing with a net. Duration of the trip is about 2 hours. Catch: perch, pike perch.. Price: 20€/ person

2. Casting in Vianta rapids

Cast with your own casting equipment. The catch includes rainbow trout, pike perch, lake troutand pike.

Price: 39€/ person, including 6 hours fishing licence, catches and snack, barbecue sausages on the camp fire. You will be accompanied with a guide.

Extra charge Transportation from airport:

-30€ / adult, 50% children under 12- years, and under 4-years with parents for free (return way is included)

3 floors log villa 270 sq. m located on the river bank.

There are 3 bedrooms on villa:

  1. Bedroom on the 2nd floor: 2 beds and sofa
  2. Bedroom on the 3rd floor: double bed and 2 separate beds
  3. Bedroom on the 3rd floor: 2 separate beds

Totally there are 11 sleeping places, living room, 2 kitchens, 3 toilets (on each floor), 2 terraces, balcony, sauna, Jacuzzi bath, shower. There is a river side sauna on the river bank 15m from main house and fully equipped picnic tee pcc.

Distances: 36 km to nearest town Kiuruvesi, 100 km to Kuopio airport.

Fishing offer

Time: 15.5-31.10 (summer season) and 1.12-30.4 (winter season)

Number of guests: 4 to 12 persons English speaking guiding is available and guiding fees arc included into the program price.

Fishing days

1.Troll trip to Koulunjarvi

  • Guided trip by boat to the lake
  • Catches: pike and big perch
  • Gears: Fishing rod with a reel and trolls
  • Lunch: Harakan island where you can barbeque the catches and drink fresh brewed coffee
  • Duration of the trip 4-5 hours.

2. Morning fishing in Luoto

  • Guided trip by boat or canoe to the lake
  • Catches: perch and roach
  • Fishing equipmentand bait
  • Lunch: on the island, sausages and fish roast at the camp fire and fresh brewed coffcc
  • Duration 4-6 hours

3. Free like a bird

  • By life raft on the lake (dragging by motor boat)
  • The raft is left drifting by wind (with restrainers the raft moves slowly) with a guide -On the raft you can chat, play games or just hang around and listen to how the wind blows. There is also a possibility to fish through three holes on the raft. -Duration 4-8 hours. Price €45 (1-3 pax)

After fishing day in Kasari there is a sauna opportunity by the lake, where you can enjoy your evening. In addition to sauna you can take part in various games and activities at Fishermen's Lodge. The Finnish tradition food and drinks will be offered.

Extra charge


  • adult 30€/person
  • children under 12-years 15€/person -under 4-years with their parents free

Wild and Free Ltd. J Tel. +358 16 316 500

"W- +358 16 316 301 [email protected]

MlpANDFree Fax +358 16 316 302 [email protected]

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