Bottom Battens And Keel

Clamp a batten 20 x 44 halfway belwsen Ihe chine and the hog where Ihe bottom is widest. Keep it about halfway on frames forward and aft, but avoid hard dde bends, Marti position an frames and remove It, Mark 1he depth of ihe cutout In the frame by placing a straight batten from hog to chine in the correct planting angle to the hog. Use an off cut of Ihe bottom batten 44 x 44 except Ihe two fotward homes where the batten Is made f /a from two layers of 20 x 44, totaf height - 4Q,

Cut deadwood and keel. Mark t /// ' ihe bevel fot the bottom planking and plane tt off before S^y ' >

bolting to Ihe hog. /sy 'jtw

Fair aft end to 30 wide

Cut (rem 143

  1. 4 m boat
  2. 5 m boat

Same thickness as bottom planking = 20

Same as far hog hattein fot panning angle

Straight batten

two frames. Hcfld up against batteri and frame at Ihe paction already marked on Ihe frame,

Mark with pencU- Do the some on the othef side of the frame

Boat Bottom BattenBoat Designs

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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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