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A bucktail streamer (top) and a feather streamer (bottom).

As with the other flies, there are hundreds of streamer and bucktail patterns to choose from. Table 17.4 lists some popular and proven patterns.

Table 17.4 Basic Streamer Patterns Pattern

Black Nose Dace Gray Ghost

Marabou (White, Black) Matuka (Olive, Black) Mickey Finn Muddler Minnow Woolly Bugger (Tan, White) Zonker (White, Olive)

Hook Sizes No. 610 3X long No. 812 3X long No. 610 2X long No. 610 2X long No. 610 3X long No. 48 2X long No. 48 2X long No. 48 3X long

Unlike dry flies, wet flies, and nymphs, you should keep streamers in motion almost all of the time they are in the water. In a current, the angler should cast directly across-stream, twitching the streamer as it drifts. You can also put the streamer into pockets and seams

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