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In tidal rivers and bays, look for fish near piers, bridge pilings, on the sides of navigation channels, and near dropoffs by sand bars and gravel bars.

Other good inland areas are regional, such as a warm-water discharge from a power plant. The only way you'll find these areas is to consult a regional publication, ask at a local tackle shop, orand I'm not above thisfishing where others seem to be having luck.

Ocean Fishing

This style of saltwater fishing is done necessarily from a boat. The species involved range from 1-pound flounder and sea bass to 1,000-pound-plus sharks and marlin. Although it would be impossible to detail the specific fishing methods for each species in this space, all these methods are based on five approaches:

Trolling is pulling a bait or a lure behind a moving boat, and is used to catch a variety of species. While any seaworthy boat can troll, some are specially set up for this technique. Rod holders, which are pipe-like devices built into or attached to the stern (back) and/or the gunwales (sides) of the boat, hold the rod at an angle toward water, allowing a fisherman to operate the boat while trolling one or more lines. Outriggers are long poles that jut out perpendicularly from both sides of the boat. A line-clip device holds the fishing line, which gets moved to the end of the outrigger via a pulley. Outriggers, which are commonly used on boats that troll for billfish

Fish Recipes

Fish Recipes

This is a great collection of delicious fish and shell fish recipes that you will love.

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