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Chapter 18

Putting It All Together

One of the best all-around fly fishermen I know isn't a world-class fly caster. He keeps his casts very short, preferring to walk or wade close to his target rather than make long reaches. He isn't an expert in entomology, either, although he can identify the basic insect species that fish feed upon. And he doesn't own the finest tackle; some of his stuff is actually pretty beat up.

But this flyfisherman is a master at putting his fly in front of fish. He spends just as much time looking at the water, studying its condition, and moving into place as he does casting his line. He's always in complete control of the fly rod and fly line, and he rarely blows a cast or spooks a fish.

That's what this chapter is all about: using your tackle to catch fish, rather than to exercise your arms on a Saturday afternoon.

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