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by mending the line and manipulating the rod tip. When the streamer is all the way downstream, retrieve it back to the rod by stripping in line, again working the rod to place the streamer into likely areas. In still waters, the angler should cast to all likely areas and retrieve the streamer at various speeds, working it through all levels of the water column.

* ' If 1 had to fish with just one streamer, it would be the Muddler Minnow. it's probably the most versatile streamer pattern in existence, because it can imitate a variety of forage depending on how it's fished. Made of deer hair and turkey feathers with a gold tinsel body, the Muddler floats if unweighted, making it look remarkably like a grasshopper struggling in the current. When retrieved at the end of the drift, the Muddler can resemble a minnow breaking the surface of the water or a mouse swimming across the flow, if weighted, the Muddler can loot like a large nymph bumping along the bottom, or a sculpin minnow seeking shelter among the rocks. MudclJer Minnows are tied in a variety of sizes and colors, but I'm partial to the lifelike original brown/white/gold pattern.


So named because they mimic creatures normally found on land (terra), terrestrials imitate a wide variety of insects that get blown, washed, or otherwise deposited into the water accidentally. These insectsants, beetles, blackflies, crickets, grasshoppers, and othersare basically helpless, and fish feed upon them constantly, because they're available every day throughout much of the open-water season.

Examples of terrestrial flies, from left: ant, beetle, grasshopper.

Terrestrials are fished much like dry fliesthey should be cast upstream and allowed to float downbut some patterns, such those that imitate grasshoppers and crickets, can be twitched and even retrieved to simulate a struggling insect. Although terrestrials don't hatch as do mayflies and other aquatic insects, some species are widespread at certain

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