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Page 141

Chapter 14

Keeping and Releasing Fish.

In This Chapter

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> Fish storage

A fish is a wonderful thing to behold. Although the multihued trouts would win any aquatic beauty contests, even a bottom-dwelling catfish has a sort of natural elegance, with its powerful and tapered body perfectly adapted to its environment.

However, if you don't know what you're doing, a fish may not be such a wonderful thing to hold: cold, slimy, and wriggly, possibly with gnashing teeth and spiny fins. Such problems can be confounded when it's necessary to remove a hook, put the fish on a stringer, or handle it delicately enough to return it to the water in good condition. This chapter will tell you how to handle your fish, whether its next destination is the sparkling, placid water from whence it came, or your deep fryer.

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