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object compared to the thin shaft of a fishhookdangling off the eye of the hook and rubbing against it can look unnatural to a fish. And any lures that move slowly through the water (plastic worms and jigs, for instance) that fish might inspect closely before hitting should be tied directly to the line. Otherwise, snaps are finewith one other exception.

The blade on a spinner rotates so quickly around the wire shaft that inertia causes the entire spinner to turn. This effect, however, can twist a fishing line to a point where it becomes unusable unless countered. When using a spinner, therefore, it's important to always tie a snap-swivel to your line and attach the spinner to that. A snap-swivel is a snap that is attached to a swivel, which consists of a pair of metal line eyes that rotate freely, without kinking or torquing. The swivel absorbs the twisting motion without affecting the line, and the snap simplifies changing spinners.

Sometimes it's necessary to use just a swivel. For instance, when fishing for toothy species such as pike or pickerel with comparatively light line, you may have to use a leader made of heavier line that the fish can't bite through (more on leaders later in this chapter). In that situation it's wise to tie a swivel in between the line and leader, because the light line has a tendency to wrap and curl itself around the heavy leader, especially when using a live baitfish that constantly darts throughout the water. Also, when using quick-rotating spinners, a snap-swivel may not provide enough line-twist resistance. In such a case, or if you observe your line kinking near the spinner, it's a good idea to tie a swivel into the line a foot or so above the snap-swivel.

Snaps, swivels, and snap-swivels vary in design and quality. Ball-bearing swivels, for example, are stronger than barrel swivels. Because these devices don't cost much to begin with, it's wise to buy the best; that is, the most expensive.

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