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Obviously, you don't have to obtain one of everything. And it's difficult to suggest specific models, as there are so many out there. However, I do mention certain brand names on the following pages, only because these lures have worked well for me. So let's take a walk down the lure aisle, make a basic selection, and get you out of there before you have to apply for a second mortgage to pay for everything you think you need.

Like the eating utensils, spoons are thin, rounded pieces of metal, but without the handle. Spoons are also called wobblers for their side-to-side movement in the water when retrieved.

Spoons come in two varieties: either polished on both sides, or colored on one side and polished on the other. Thus, the spoon reflects a lot of light, and flashes brightly in the water when retrieved, imitating a fleeing or distressed baitfish. The polished versions come in gold or silver; the colored versions come in a variety of hues, tones, and patterns. Spoons can feature one single hook welded solidly onto the underside (the concave side) of the spoon, or have a treble hook attached to a small ring that passes through a hole at the rear of the body, which is normally wider than the front. At the front is a hole, or another ring passing though a hole, onto which the fishing line is attached. On the single-hook versions (some of which are weedless), the line is tied to the eye of the attached hook. Some treble-hook spoons also feature a skirt, either rubber legs or a length of hair (typically deer-tail hair; sometimes dyed in a bright color), tied to the treble hook for added color and attraction.

Because of their density, spoons cast easily and accurately. They cut right through any wind present and can travel a good distance through the air. This weight also allows spoons to sink to the bottom quickly, although they can be fished at any depth.

Spoons will catch any fish that eat minnows: trout, bass, walleyes, pike, pickerel, muskel-lunge, and some catfish and panfish species. The particular spoon to use depends on the


A spoon is a thin, rounded metal lure.

Most feature a single treble hook.

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