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Double hook

Treble hook

Double hook

Treble hook

A double hook has one eye and shank with two points; a treble hook has one eye and shank and three points.

How to Pick the Right Hook.

There is no one perfect size or style of hook to use in one particular situation or for one particular species. Rather, the size range is more important.

Fortunately, hook manufacturers have made it easy for us to pick the right hook in many cases. Many hooks come packaged as bass hooks or trout hooks, and if the angler buys a small assortment of sizes, he's ready to go. Hooks that are designed to be used with a particular bait also are sometimes labeled as such. A salmon-egg hook, for example, is about the size of your pinkie nail and has an extremely short shank, which enables the angler to insert the entire hook (up to the eye) inside the egg. Also, some hooks are sold snelled, meaning they have a monofilament leader already tied onto them. Some snelled hooks have a loop at the end of the line, meaning an angler can attach a snelled hook to his fishing line simply by fashioning a loop on the end of the main line, inserting the hook through the loop, then passing the hook through the loop on the end of the leader and pulling it tight.

Again, because the proper hook size depends on the bait (covered in Chapter 9) and on the species sought, there is no one best hook size. However, Table 8.1 can serve as a rough guide to hook sizes for freshwater fish.

Table 8.1 Hook Size Ranges and Styles for Freshwater Species Species Hook Size Range and Style

Small panfish No. 6 to 12 long-shanked

Large panfish No. 1 to 6 long-shanked

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