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  1. Pull the standing line while holding the tag end, so it doesn't slip back through the loop. The coils should form a neat spiral and not overlap.
  2. Clip the tag end close to the knot.

Tying an improved clinch knot to a hook eye.

The Surgeon's Knot

This knot is used to tie together lines of greatly different diameter, such as a heavy leader to a standing line.

  1. Place the two lines parallel, overlapping about 6 inches, with the ends pointing in opposite directions.
  2. Hold the two lines together and, treating them as one line, tie an overhand knot. Pull the entire leader through the loop. Don't pull the knot tight.
  3. Pass the line through the loop a second time, so it looks like the middle portion of the following figure.
  4. Hold the lines on either end of the knot and pull tight. Clip the tag ends.

Tying two lines together with a surgeon's knot.

The Loop Knot.

A loop at the end of your line is useful for attaching swivels or large sinkers. It's also handy for keeping line on the rod when you put your tackle away temporarily. Simply make the loop, pull the line out of the tip-top guide, place the loop over the rod tip, and reel tight.

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