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Chapter 2

First Step: Finding a Place to Fish.

In This Chapter

> How to bey in your seaich

> Fishing In Lhe public domain

> Easy access? Watch out!

> When someone else owns it

> Paying for the privilege

You have to know where you will be fishing before you first set foot inside a tackle shop, because even the best rod, reel, line, bait, and lures won't help you catch a fish if you're using it in areas that don't hold many fish. Judging fishing waters accurately on looks alone takes time and experience, but this chapter will at least get you started finding waters, both public and private, that you can fish, as well as help you recognize waters that you should avoid.

According to The Water Encyclopedia (Frits van der Leeden et al., 1990) there are 3,249,000 miles of streamsthat is, moving waterand 64,480 square miles of lakes and reservoirs in the United States. When considering the additional millions of square miles of fishable salt water, first-time fishermen may feel intimidated when it comes to finding a good place to cast a line.

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