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  1. Combine equal parts flour and cornmeal and spread evenly on a large plate.
  2. Beat egg in medium bowl and add ^ cup milk.
  3. Dip fish in egg-and-milk mixture and press in bread crumbs.
  4. Melt shortening or add oil to large frying pan until bottom is covered with about H inch. Heat until shimmery.
  5. Salt and pepper the body cavity of the fish and add a few small pats of butter. Fry until coating is golden brown; turn once and repeat.
  6. Drain on rack. Serve with lemon wedges.

To eat a whole fish, pull out the fins and attached bones (an extra plate in the center of the table can hold scraps). Cut the skin down the center of the fish to expose a horizontal line on the flesh. Use your knife to separate and push the fish away from the bones along this line. Repeat on other side.

Campfire Trout

You can use a grill instead of a campfire for this simplest of all recipes (and you can substitute other species as well), but there's something about eating a freshly caught trout that you've cooked on an open wood fire that just can't be duplicated.

Butter or margarine

Salt and pepper

Clean the trout, salt and pepper the cavity, and place a few pats of butter inside. Wrap tightly in foil and drop right into the hot coals of a campfire that has burned for at least an hour. Turn occasionally with a stick, and remove when sizzling steadily. For a side dish, you can throw a few potatoes (plain or wrapped in foil) onto the coals about a half-hour before the fish.

Getting Your Fish Mounted

A mounted (often incorrectly referred to as stuffed) fish can make a unique and attractive addition to many rooms. Most anglers decide to mount a large fish, or one that they have never caught before, to commemorate the event.

A taxidermist is one who prepares fish and game for mounting. They are artists as well as craftsmen, for their goal is to render the specimen into a lifelike position that very closely resembles the size, shape, and coloration of the fish when it was alive. Taxidermists usually advertise in the Yellow Pages, and sporting-goods stores can recommend some local ones.

Fish Recipes

Fish Recipes

This is a great collection of delicious fish and shell fish recipes that you will love.

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