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Tackle boxes, which cost from $20 to almost $100, depending on size and quality, are excellent for anglers who will be fishing from a boat or from one spot along a shoreline, as you can put the box in front of you and reach into it to get what you need whenever you want it. But fishermen who will be wading a stream or lake shallows, or otherwise moving from place to place, are better off using a tackle organization system that doesn't require them to find a dry spot and put down their tackle box and fishing rod to change a lure or find an extra split shot. There are a few options for such mobile anglers, and they're covered next.

Fishing Vests

Fishing vests are garments that feature numerous pockets and attachment devices specifically for storing tackle. Fishing vests are most commonly worn by anglers who wade creeks, rivers, streams, and lake shores, and often by anglers who fish from a canoe, which normally does not have enough deck room for a large tackle box.

Most fishing vests are short, ending above the waist so that anglers can reach into their pants pockets. Some are cut very high, ending above the hips, so that the vest won't get wet when you wade into deep water. (The bottom section can be zipped off on some models.) Most are made of a cotton/polyester blend and dyed in an earth tonetan, gray, oliveso that it won't stand out to wary fish. Some vests are made of nylon mesh, which allows air to circulate and keeps its wearer cooler in hot weather.

The pockets on most vestsand some have as many as 30 of themhave Velcro, snap-button, and/or zippered flaps. They're sewn and shaped to hold various sizes of small utility boxes, bait jars, prepackaged snelled hooks, spools of line or tippet material, sunglasses, and other items. (A pocket on one vest I own seems perfectly tailored for a

Fish Recipes

Fish Recipes

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