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When fishing a live or dead shrimp, run the hook from the base of the tail up through the body and back out again.

Baits on the Half Shell

The meat from both clams and mussels is fished on the bottom for a number of species. Clam is a good bait for striped bass, black drum, redfish, and ling. Mussels, which are smaller than clams and don't contain a lot of meat, take winter flounder, blackfish, and a number of panfish.

Both clams and mussels have a foot, which is a wide, flat protuberance. It's the toughest part of the bait, and the bigger the clam or mussel, the bigger the foot. Always hook your shellfish baits through this foot, because the rest of the meat is too soft to stay on the hook for a long time.

Both clams and mussels are sold at bait shops. The clam meat is usually shucked and sold frozen in a plastic bag; mussels come whole. You can gather these shellfish on your own

Fish Recipes

Fish Recipes

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