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1. Cut down to the spine without severing it.

  1. Slice down the backbone to the tail without cutting into the rib cage.
  2. Slice around the curve of rib cage to free slab.

4. Hold skin and slice flesh free of skin with sawing motion.

You're now left with a pair of filletsno skin, no bonesand you're ready to start cooking. If you won't be consuming them that day, freeze them immediately. Fillets freeze best when covered in water. I put fillets in a sealable plastic bag and fill it with just enough water to cover them. Hold over a sink and press out all the air. Lay the bag on its side in a freezer.

Cooking Your Fish

The secret to a delicious fish dinner has little to do with detailed recipes, special sauces, or hard-to-find species. The best fish is fresh fish, period. If you handled your catch properlykilled it quickly, kept it cool, cleaned or filleted it as soon as possible, and froze it immediately or put it in the refrigerator for preparation in a few hoursthat fish is guaranteed to taste better than anything you could possibly buy at the seafood department of a grocery store.

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Fish Recipes

Fish Recipes

This is a great collection of delicious fish and shell fish recipes that you will love.

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