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affords easier access to tackle, these belts are practical when you must walk or hike long distances in warm weather, when wearing a vest would make you sweat after a while.

Some saltwater surf and jetty fishermen use tackle belts as well, as they allow easy maneuverability. But you must carry your bait separately, which is why many beach fishermen carry all their gear in a plastic 5-gallon bucket. It keeps sand and water from getting on your tackle, and you can use the bucket to bring your fish home, too.

Fly Boxes

While most flyfishermen will find a vest most practical, they still have to store the flies themselves. Small utility boxes will work to a degree, but you'd have to carry a lot of boxes with a lot of sections to keep a good variety of flies on hand. It's common to carry a couple dozen (or more) different patterns, each in two or three different sizes, of dry flies, wet flies, streamers, and nymphs when fishing a trout stream. The problem is one of organization.

Numerous designs of fly boxes solve that problem. These are flat (some are no more than an inch deep) metal or plastic boxes that hold flies magnetically, on tiny clips, or by holding the point of the fly in a sheet of plastic foam. Others have clips on one side of the box and tiny compartments on the other. Many other styles of boxes exist; most all of them work very well and can hold scores of flies.

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