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times of year, and fish will key on them. Look for an abundance of ants, grasshoppers, inchworms, or some other creatures, and match them with one of the flies listed in Table 17.5.

Table 17.5 Basic Terrestrial Patterns Pattern






Hook Sizes No. 1620 No. 1216 No. 812 No. 812

No. 1620 2X long No. 1822

Many patterns for the same terrestrial exist; this table shows generic patterns. You should pick styles that seem to match forage in your region.

Bass Bugs

One of the best terrestrial Hies to use for trout in the summertime is the am. If you see I trout rising very close to the bank, but can't find evidence of a hatch, they're probably taking ants. Always carry a selection of ant patterns when trout fishing.

Although they're called bugs, these fly-rod lures actually imitate larger forage: frogs, mice and other rodents, and large insects such as bees and dragonflies. They are used most often for largemouth and smallmouth bass, and all of them float.

Bass bugs fall into two categories: deer-hair bugs and solid-body bugs. Deer-hair bugs have bodies made of that material, which is laid across the shank of the hook and tied tightly, which causes the hairs to stand perpendicular. When a number of lengths of deer hair are tied on in this manner, they can be clipped into various shapes and forms. (And because deer-hair follicles are hollow, the bug floats extremely well.)

Solid-body bugs are constructed of cork, balsa wood, or hollow plastic, and painted to resemble forage. Some are streamlined in shape; others have a cupped face that will gurgle and spit when retrieved. These are called popping bugs.

These flies are best fished near weeds for largemouths, or in rocky, gravelly shallows for smallmouths. The deer-hair and streamlined solid-body bugs should be retrieved slowly, and the poppers perform best when twitched erratically so they actually make a popping sound.

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