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Note in the table that a range of three sizes is listed for each fly (for instance, the Adams in sizes 12, 14, and 16) for a total of 30 flies. If you want to pare the list down further, simply buy the size in the middle of the range for each pattern (a No. 14 Adams, a No. 14 Black Gnat, a No. 12 Brown Bivisible, etc.). You can add to your collection as you learn about hatches in your local waters.

Wet Flies

Wet flies are designed to be fished beneath the surface. Depending on the pattern and how it is fished, a wet fly can imitate a variety of forage: drowned insects, drowning insects, insects hatching from their nymphal stage and rising to the surface, an egg-laying insect, or a small baitfish.

Wets are created from soft, absorbent materials and tied on heavy wire hooks so they sink quickly. Like dry flies, there are hundreds of patterns, with some tied to imitate a specific insect, and others tied to attract fish. The hackles on a wet fly are soft and typically angle back a bit from the hook eye, so that they undulate and appear lifelike in the water. Wings are large and also slanted back along the hook shaft. Tails, if any, are large and also are made of materials that absorb water readily.

Compared to dry flies, wet flies are typically more colorful and exhibit more flash (although some, especially those patterns that imitate specific insects, are earth-toned). They also differ from dries in the manner in which they are fished. While wets can be cast upstream and allowed to drift downstream, they can also be cast across-stream and directly downstream. The angler can allow the wet fly to drift naturally, or impart slight movement to it by jiggling the rod tip. At the end of the drift, when the fly swings directly downstream of the angler, you can move the fly into different areas by moving

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