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Chapter 17

Be a Lord of the Flies

In fishing jargon, a fly is a lure consisting of various materialswool, chenille, fur, hair, feathers, tinsel, and otherstied to a hook to imitate an insect, a worm, a fish egg, a baitfish, or some other organism that fish eat. All flies fall within a certain classification and are named after the angler who created that particular pattern, or the type of forage it is supposed to simulate, or even for a certain characteristic. The creation and cataloging of flies is a study in itself, with literally thousands of patterns in existence and more being added each year. Many books have been written on flies and fly patterns; some so detailed that they focus on just one particular class of flies that imitates one particular species of insect!

While a knowledge of entomology does help the fly angler, it is not mandatory. A broad understanding of the right fly to use at the right timeand how to fish that flyis all

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