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Chapter 16 No-Fear Fly Casting

In This Chapter

> true false casting

> The final delivery

> Specialized casts

> Diagnosing casting ills

Casting a fly rod requires more physical coordination and practice than other casting disciplines. But it does not require brute strength, nor is it extremely difficult. Fly casting pretty much boils down to two elements: angles and timing. If you can ride a bicycle or drive a careven one with an automatic transmissionyou can fly cast.

This chapter will focus on the very basics of fly castingnot because the technique is so complex, but because most fly casting errors are rudimentary in aspect.

One other point: Fly casting is fun. Just working the rod, feeling it flex under the load of the line, hearing the hiss of the fly line as it cuts through the air above your head, and watching your line and leader straighten out and fall gently to the waterespecially when on a gurgling trout stream or a mirror-surfaced lakecan be rewarding and fulfilling, whether or not you catch a fish.

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Fish Recipes

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