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The Least You Need to Know

Fish typically hit lures forcefully, and you should set the hook immediately. Fish may not take bait or soft-plastic lures immediately into their mouths, though, in which case you should wait a bit before setting the hook.

Set the hook by quickly jerking the rod tip over your head or shoulder, and begin reeling to take up any slack line.

When you're playing a fish (that is, letting it tire itself out so you can land it), keep your rod pointed up, face the fish, and don't rush. Let the fish burn off energy before you begin reeling it in, but do keep it out of vegetation and other line-tangling areas.

Small fish can be swung out of the water, and soft-jawed fish can be lifted out by their lower lip. But the least risky landing method is to use a net. Put the net in the water then and bring the fish to it. Don't bring the net to the fish.

Fish Recipes

Fish Recipes

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