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Chapter 8

Hooks: The Point of It All

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>■ The best hook for ihe situation

What fishing all comes down to is the ability to put a hook into a fish's mouth. For that reason, fishhooks are one of the most important pieces of tackle that an angler owns (if not the most important), as you'll learn in this chapter. They are also inexpensive, compared to other necessary gear, yet it's surprising how many fishermen don't give hooks the attention they deserve, both when purchasing and using them.

Once, when fishing for trout in Montana's Madison River, I couldn't seem to hook any of the rising trout I was casting to. Every ten seconds or so a trout would lift up from the bottom to snatch an insect floating on the surface, and my dry fly matched the real bugs in size and color. On about every third cast, one of the trout would snatch my fly. I'd go to set the hook but couldn't sink it into any of the fish. I repeatedly cast to these trout, thinking I was striking either too early or too late. Then, one large brown trout took the fly, I set the hook, and I had the fish onfor about three seconds. That's when I checked my fly and ruefully noted that the entire hook point had broken off, probably from ticking a rock on one of my backcasts. I changed flies and caught a trout on my very next cast.

I inspect my hooks all the time now.

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