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Maybe I should have stayed and taught the kid some casting basics. (Then again, maybe I should find the kid's mother and give her a copy of this book.) The point, though, is that if you can't use your rod-and-reel outfit correctly, you aren't going to catch fish. And learning to cast, while it might seem challenging at first, is actually fun and quite rewarding, once you get the feel for it. Here's how.

Spincasting: The Easiest of Them All

Fishing with a spincasting rod-and-reel outfit is literally as simple as pushing a button, because that's how you control the outflow of line. Although spincasting does have its detractions, as pointed out in Chapter 5, it is ideal for the first-timer, especially someone who has never even held a fishing rod before.

To make a cast follow these steps:

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  • j^ if you watdi The rod tip. The rod must "load/ that is, gain energy by bending at the tip to impart speed to the lure. As you bring the rod forward to call, the rod tip should be bent back a bit behind (away fiom) you. If it's not bending, you're not being forceful enough with the forward motion.
  1. Hold the rod with the reel facing up. The rod trigger (that little curved extension on the other side of the rod, below the reel) should fit comfortably between your index finger and your third finger. If it doesn't feel right, place the trigger between your third and fourth fingers. In either case, your thumb should be able to rest on the button of the reel.
  2. Push the button with your thumb and hold it there. If you accidentally release it, putting the reel into freespool and letting line out, simply turn the reel handle to reengage the reel. Reel up so that there is about 6 inches of line between the rod tip and the lure or bait, and push the button again, keeping it depressed.
  3. Look at your target and swing the rod up and back in a smooth motion. Your arm should be bent about 90° at the elbow. Don't pivot your shoulder so that your arm is behind you. Instead, cock your wrist to bring the rod back.
  4. Without pausing, bring the rod forward sharply. When the rod tip is pointing above the target at about a 45° angle, release the button. The lure should then shoot out toward it.
  5. When the lure hits the target, turn the handle clockwise to engage the reel.

If you put too much energy into the cast and you realize the lure will probably shoot past the target, you can check the line outflow simply by pressing the button.

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