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trout must also purchase a $5.50 trout stamp, and a $3.50 permit is required for fishing in Lake Erie waters.

Most fishing licenses are made of paper, with spaces for your name, address, physical description (hair and eye color, height, and weight), and date and place of birth. In all states, you must have the fishing license on your person when actually fishing. The license must be produced when requested by a law enforcement officer or a by a landowner when fishing on his property. A few states require that the license be displayedpinned onto your shirt, coat, or hatwhen fishing, in order to simplify license checking by state fish department officers. Special transparent license holders with a built-in safety pin cost about a dollar and make license display easy.

Licenses and stamps are typically available at bait and tackle shops, sporting goods stores, and the main and branch offices (if any) of the state fish department. The license is usually filled out in triplicate, with one copy kept by the angler, another copy retained by the issuing agent, and the third sent to the state fish department for their records.

Also available at these outlets are state fishing compendiums, which are summaries of fishing laws and regulations. These small booklets are pocket-sized so they can be carried by anglers and easily referenced when on the water.

It's always the angler's responsibility to be aware of license requirements. If you're not sure, obtain a compendium at a license outlet or contact the fish and game department of your state. Addresses and phone numbers of all departments are listed in Appendix A.

Sizes, Limits, and Seasons.

States regulate the size of fish taken by anglers, how many fish anglers take, and when they can take them.

While some abundant species such as carp and some panfish have little or no regulations pertaining to their capture, most others do.

Most states enforce minimum-size regulations for bass, trout, walleyes, pike, pickerel, muskies, and other gamefish so that anglers don't keep young fishthose that have not

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