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> Is monofilament line for you?

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Fishing line is changing and advancing so rapidly that some types didn't even exist a few years ago. New components and manufacturing processes have made the fishing line industry a highly technological, and extremely competitive, enterprise. While anglers have never had a better selection of line, it can create a lot of confusion, because with so many types to choose from, and all those manufacturer's claims to sort through, it can be difficult to make an informed decision.

While the history of fishing line development is interesting, with everything from braided horsetail hair to silks and linens used in the past, it really has no bearing on choosing and using line today. Most all fishing lines sold today are inexpensive, sturdy, thin, and reliable. If there's a common mistake made by anglers when selecting line, it's choosing the wrong line for their rod and reel and the fish they are after, rather than

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