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Chapter 22 Paying for It.

Ill This Chapter

> Boats that party

> Customized fishing

Sometimes the easiest and most practical way to fish in salt water is to pay someone else to bring you to the fish. It can be difficult for someone who lives some distance from the ocean to figure out what species are hitting, where, on what tide, and what to use to catch them. While all these challenges are part of the fun of fishing, surmounting them is sometimes difficult, frustrating, and extremely time-consuming. In many cases, you'd need a boat just to begin your search.

Party boats and charter boats take much of the potential hassle out of fishing, leaving you to concentrate on the catching. This benefit comes at a price, of course, which varies according to what you want to fish for and how much comfort you desire when doing it. But most everyone who has taken such a trip regards it as money well spent. Some fishermen even consider the boat trip itself rewarding enough for the cost of the fare.

The heck with that. Let's catch some fish.

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