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Chapter 20 Tackle for the Brine.

While freshwater fishermen generally choose their type and size of rod and reel according to the size of the fish that's targeted, saltwater anglers must take other factors into account: the length of the cast that's necessary to reach fish, the weight of the sinker needed to keep bait on the bottom in turbulent waters, and the amount of line a fish might peel off the reel when first hooked. Even the presence of other anglers next to you on a boat will dictate a rod-and-reel style.

As you'll learn in this chapter, these requisites sometimes lead to using outfits that may seem too heavy for the fish you catch. Last summer, for example, I walked out onto a jetty early one morning to fish for striped bass. A few minutes after I had cast my clam bait out a bit from the rocks, I felt a slight tap-tap on the 17-pound-test line and reeled in, on the 9-foot rod, a sea robina generally undesirable bottom fish common to the East Coastthat weighed perhaps 12 ounces. Feeling a little silly about the obvious overkill,

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Fish Recipes

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