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Page 133

Chapter 13

Fish On! How to Keep It That Way

In This Chapter

> Settii ig the hook with lures

> Why you should sometimes wait with bait

> Bringing It In

Feeling the tapor the joltof a fish hitting your bait or lure is thrilling for two reasons. For one, it's a signal of success. You have selected the right tackle and applied your own skills to foolin most casesa truly wild creature. Second, it's a highly anticipatory moment, because a lot of things may or may not happen in the next few seconds. You have to set the hook, play the fish, bring it close, and net it or at least bring the fish close enough to unhook, as described in this chapter. Besides the fact that the fish wants no part of this, some of your equipmentrod, reel, line, knots, and hookwill be tested, along with your fish-playing expertise.

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Fish Recipes

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