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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fishing Basics starts with the most fundamental facts about fish, fishing tackle, and fishing techniques, and builds upon them in later chapters. Therefore, if you're totally unacquainted with fishing, you can learn about the sport without any confusion or uncertainty. However, if you've fished beforeand I'm sure many of you haveyou may want to read some parts out of sequence. That's fine, but if you come across any term or methodology that you don't recognize, be sure to stop, check the table of contents for the chapter covering that subject, and read that chapter.

Here's how the book breaks down:

Part 1 covers the background of the sport. You'll get an idea of how popular fishing is, its demographics, and how much it will cost you to get started. You'll also learn how to find a place to fish, the species you'll find once you get there, and their habits and basic biological makeup.

In Part 2, you'll take a look at fishing equipment. Like walking through a tackle shop, the chapters in this part identify and examine rods and reels (you'll also step outside and learn how to use them), line, hooks, lures, bait, and ancillary gear. And you'll learn to assemble a basic outfit for your needs.

Hit the water in Part 3, and learn about the anatomy of lakes and streams to find out exactly where your quarry might be. Then cast to those spots with a variety of lures and baits. Learn to hook a fish, play it, bring it in, and keep itor put it back.

Part 4 consists of a flyfishing primer, telling you all you need to know about this rapidly growing sport: the tackle, the casting techniques, the flies to use, and the proper form on the water.

Hit the beach and much more in Part 5, exploring the very different world of ocean fishing. Here you'll learn why saltwater fishing is so different from freshwater fishingand so challenging. Equip yourself with the right tackle, the best bait and lures, and learn how to use them. Then review how to hire a guide, charter a boat, and catch a fishmaybe one that's bigger than you. Finally, delve into the ultimate fishing challenge: saltwater

Part 6 covers the rest of the story: the equipment you need in which to keep your stuff, as well as the best boots, clothing, and safeguards to ensure your time on the water is happy and healthy. Then you'll come home with your catch and clean and prepare it, or bring it to the taxidermist, if you want a memory larger than a meal. Finally, look at how to stay within the law with a basic course on fishing licenses, seasons, limits, and special regulations.


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