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Page 95

Chapter 10

Lures: Virtual Reality to Fish

A fishing lure is any inanimate object that can be used to catch a fish. Lures work by imitating the vibration, color, movement, or a combination of the three, of something a fish would eat. While a very few fishermen make their own lures, the vast majority are manufactured and sold in tackle shops, sporting-goods sections of department stores, and through mail-order warehouses. And it's a huge business: According to a 1991 survey conducted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, fishermen in the United States spent more than $621 million on fishing lures.

Such a potentially lucrative enterprise explains why there are so many lures on the market todayso many that even experienced fishermen can grow numb from poring over the selection. One recent fishing tackle catalog contains 99 pages of lures; most of them are designed to catch largemouth bass.

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