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The Least You Need to Know.

Worms are a good overall bait for many foraging species. They're simple to fish, inexpensive, and easy to obtain and keep yourself.

Minnow, or baitfish, appeal to predatory species. They must cared for so they remain alive, which is how they should be fished.

Crayfish, which are eaten by many species, must always be fished on or just above the bottom.

Grasshoppers and crickets are good baits for trout, bass, and panfish. They should be fished as if they had just fallen into the water.

Frogs and salamanders are eaten by bass, pickerel, and pike. Fish frogs on the surface; salamanders close to the bottom.

Hellgrammites, leeches, mealworms, and grubs are good baits in certain locations for certain species.

Commercially prepared baits vary widely in type and substance. They catch fish, but generally, the real thing is better.

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